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Mayekawa Manufacturing Company has expanded its business by focusing on freezing and compression technologies ever since its establishment in 1924.  As a thermal engineering company MYCOM have long contributed to providing business solutions to our customers based on these technologies and in turn continuously evolved on technology and services.


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Mayekawa's commitment


Refrigeration system for refrigerated carrier vessel or reefer


Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd. has been contributing to meet the growing demand of perishable cargo trade by supplying a wide range of suitable refrigeration equipment for the specialized reefer carriers with the state-of-the-art technology to maintain best quality of foodstuffs transported by ocean shipping.
And MYCOM's dedication in building new specialized reefer carriers is open-ended.


Refrigeration system for fishing vessel


In order to produce or maintain best quality of frozen foods - a reliable, superior performance and environmentally friendly refrigeration system is required.
To meet this requirement, MYCOM have been offering various kinds of system and equipment associated with their energy efficient reciprocating and screw compressors.


PSA nitrogen generating system


Besides the refrigeration systems, MYCOM's PSA nitrogen generating system for LPG and chemical tankers is one of the main products offered for the marine market.


Utilizing a new carbonate absorber made of special phenol resin, the PSA nitrogen generating system achieves a low electric consumption and compact design with high noise reduction arrangement required for the marine application.


MGO cooling system


In order to meet the global regulation to limit the air pollution from the contents of sulfur level in the marine fuel oil, MYCOM are supplying a unique MGO cooling system inherited from the refrigeration technique dedicated to the specialized reefer carriers for more than 40 years.


MYCOM's sophisticated fully automatic, very reliable and compact system is best suited for the MGO cooling system as well and second to none in performance.


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