After more than two decades of strategic partnership, the renowned company SAACKE GmbH integrates Scandinavian Boiler Service (SBS) and SAACKE Marine Systems under one roof. The reasons are due to changes in the global marine business and the associated higher expectations of the supplier industry. Thus, the technologies for the marine sector as well as the associated services will continue to be offered from a single source, but more comprehensively than before.

In addition to the cleaner Main Engine system oil and the possibility to adjust the BN to get the right detergency without the need to switch between different grades, BOB also gives the crew onboard a much easier task in finding the minimum feed rate and this what creates savings in the cylinder oil consumption.

Oil contamination causes up to 80% of machinery breakdowns.


Using a GreenOil system, water and particles will be removed from your oil, giving you quality oil filtration and a greener footprint in your daily operations.


Depending on the application, ROI on your GreenOil system will be <12 months.

SAACKE are breaking new ground in methane combustion on LNG tankers with this new product - the GCU evo.

The further development of the well-known GCU series, the first Gas Combustion Units ever - which have been designed by SAACKE from 2004 on, consists of a cost-effective combination of the combustion unit with a modified grid burner.

A burner breakdown on the high seas or at a far, remote location always comes at a bad time. With top urgent courier expenses, change to alternative fuels and other headaches piling up, the trouble becomes even worse. And it goes without saying that cost-intensive off-hire periods and delays are not an option.


For such cases, it is of the utmost importance to have a suitable and well thought-out spare parts stock on board enabling the crew to restore the vital functions of the burner so that the vessel can safely make its way to the next convenient port on the route.


SAACKE’s experienced engineers have compiled all critical parts for you and packed them into the sturdy blue Safe Return to Port box. So you have everything at your fingertips to ensure the seaworthiness of your vessel and at the same time avoid tied up capital for superfluous parts.

“ We have done our homework over the past year with various filtration systems, and we have determined that the GreenOil units will be our equipment of choice for our lubrication oils going forward. We will be purchasing more of these in the future for installation on the engines and propulsion equipment. ”

Paul Kearley, Senior Marine Engineer, Atlantic Towing


GreenOil are offering a unique product; they are the only manufacturer on the market, who are able to remove free water particles, emulsified and bound water from any oil type!

IMPS (UK) is one of Europe’s largest independent medium speed diesel engine specialists offering service and parts for engines operating in a variety of applications.
Based in Lincoln in the United Kingdom IMPS (UK) operate from a purpose built 2500m² area factory which houses some of the latest equipment for engine component manufacturing, reconditioning, repair and overhaul.

Oil leakage hitting hot spots on engines is the most common cause of engine room fires on board ships.


Thermographic Inspection and Report on Engine's Insulation Condition by Adiabatix Oy from Finland will help prevent unwanted situations. Our Principals offer a wide variety of thermal management & advanced insulation solutions for all kinds of ships.

From 4 to 7 September 2018 SAACKE were once again an exhibitor on SMM in Hamburg.
The show has proven that SAACKE and our customers are facing the pressing questions that we all have about IMO 2020. Many of our visitors had substantial face-to-face discussions with SAACKE experts if they should decide to run on IMO compliant fuels or to go for an exhaust gas cleaning system.


Many took the opportunity to come closer to SAACKE scrubber technology than ever before: With 3D HoloLenses they immersed themselves in an augmented reality scenario and experienced first-hand and in detail how sulfur removal rates of 99% in a capacity range of up to 30 MW can be achieved!


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